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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Following on from food guilt...

Not too long ago, I posted about how women always seem to be made to feel guilty about enjoying themselves. Now in today's independent I've come across this

I'm sorry, but what has this woman done that is so morally reprehensible apart from get sloshed and have a good time? Like the writer says, what else do you expect if pluck a girl from kentucky and give her a multi-million dollar apartment in New York to go wild in? Who the hell can blame her? And let's not get started on the recent pleas for Britney to 'calm down' after she - shock horror! - gets thoroughly rat-arsed wth her girlfriends to celebrate her divorce.

Let's add to this the constant portrayal of Lindsay Lohan as 'out of control', Kate Moss's media treatment last summer (far more vicious than anything her other half gets, and let's remember who's the one who actually manages to turn up to work and make a living) and the criticism dished out at Lily Allen for daring to suggest that she would celebrate a number one single with lots of cocaine. Excuse me if I'm mistaken, but aren't plenty of men who've practically acheived iconic status thanks in part to their insatiable apetites for vice, excess and self-destruction? For starters, there's Sid Vicious, Jim Morrison, The Gallagher Brothers, Hunter S Thompson, even Motley fucking Crue... I know people appreciate their artistic integrity too (although if you consider Motley Crue real musical talent then please go shove screwdrivers down your earholes as punishment), but when has the same patronising criticism ever been levied at them?

If young women don't want to associate with feminists 'cos of all the boring fuddy-duddy stuff such as not liking strip clubs, then at least they may want to join us to campaign for the right to get totally smashed out of our faces on a regular basis? Who fancies organising 'RECLAIM THE GAK' with me?


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